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The Loop is a hit or miss

This time we didn’t go too far from the last place, we decided to continue on our Student Union kick and review the Loop.
The atmosphere is college food court style, and it gives off the vibe of a college campus which for a college student isn’t really a bad thing. If you don’t want to sit in the food court, there are multiple places to go in the union. The rotunda is a nice place to sit and eat.
Service definitely left a lot to be desired. The girl at the cash register was clearly in a bad mood and didn’t even attempt to hide it. The first time Ashley went, she got a side salad and watched her other food sit there getting cold until someone eventually told the girl making the salads to make a side salad. The second time, apart from the rude cashier, the person handing off the food was very polite and smiling. So service here is really off.
Ashley had the Barbeque sandwich with a side salad the first time. She thinks the sandwich she actually got was the spicy chicken sandwich; because it was spicy and had no barbeque sauce on it. It was disappointing not to have the one Ashley wanted, but the chicken was well cooked and well seasoned. The side salad was a huge disappointment. A lot of the lettuce was brown and slimy. Ashley could not finish the salad; the only really edible thing about it was the croutons. She would not suggest getting anything green and leafy from The Loop.
The second time Ashley got a Loop and Bleu with loop chips and an Oreo milkshake and was impressed. The burger was covered in a bleu cheese sauce that gave the burger an interesting tang. The chips were very good, nice, thick and crispy. The milk shake was good, but she wished they would have given more ice cream and less whip cream.
Michael ordered the apple smoked bacon and cheddar burger with steak fries and a coke. The burger was well cooked while the fires were satisfying and a substantial side dish. The bacon and the cheddar were nice toppings. The steak fries have to be the best part of the meal because they are thin and cooked to a gentle crisp. Overall, the meal was good and it was worth the price and time it took to make.
The price was a bit expensive. You’re going to spend at least 10-11 dollars for a good meal, and that’s without getting a milkshake. Even though it is the most expensive restaurant on campus but it is also offers the biggest meal available.
For abysmal service and hit or miss food we are give The Loop only three out of five stars.

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