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Drop Out Society became an official campus organization on Oct. 13, becoming one of the newest clubs at VSU.

Drop Out Society: ‘outsiders to society’

 Drop Out Society became an official campus organization on Oct. 13, becoming one of the newest clubs at VSU.
“Drop Out Society is a group of collective artistically inclined individuals, who turn their hobbies into a career choice,” Edrick “Bloo” Woods, the club’s president, said.

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 The name came about three months ago.

 “We see ourselves as outsiders to society,” Woods said. “If the society was a university, we would drop out of it. The members of Drop Out have talents that are very unique to me. In college we have creative writing majors, but no one can say they major in poetry, and that’s something we like.”

 On campus, Drop Out Society supports any artist, including rappers, singers, dancers and even visual artists; basically showing off these hobbies to students at VSU through the means of talents shows, art exhibits and recording sessions.

 One of the first talent shows Drop Out Society put on was the first annual VSU Homecoming Talent Show in September.

 Off campus, Drop Out Society members use their other skills to give back to the Valdosta community. Drop Out Society member, Orenthal Patterson, showcases his DJ skills during socials and gatherings around town.

 Also other members showcase their video production skills and web designs outside of the school setting.

 One of the group’s biggest websites so far is www.blootwenty2.com, which showcases a portfolio of photography using a few of Drop Out Society models, including Samuel Logan, a junior mass media major.

 Another website, www.dropoutsocietytv.com is also in the works, which will showcase all the video work members have been doing.

 “I started Drop Out Society with my friend Dallas Evans,” Woods said. “I really did not know it would be as big as it is now. Once we got out there, dancers, poets and even singers started to hit me up about the organization.”

 Next semester, Drop Out Society plans on doing a talent show, a dance recital, art exhibit and a few poetry nights.

 Jeremiah Wiggins, a junior psychology major, is show manager for the organization.

 “Next semester we are planning a big talent show with performers not just from VSU but from FAMU and even Savannah State,” Wiggins said. “I can’t wait to see how the event turns out for us.”

 Events this semester will include a meet and greet social to meet all the members of Drop Out Society and even a creative rap cypher, featuring some of the student rappers at VSU.

 “We do the things that we want to do, not what we have to do.” Logan, Vice President of Membership/Recruitment, said. “Compared to some of our members with majors like business and math, they can’t really practice singing and poetry on an everyday basis within their major. It allows our members to explore other options that we want to do, and not just what the school makes us do.”

 “Drop Out Society is also about helping each of the members grow at their talent,” Logan said. “Singers help each other get better; cinematographers help each other with ideas and edit techniques. We all grow from being around each other. It’s kind of like a family, for artist.”

 Drop Out Society also has an online magazine in the works slated to be released in the spring.

 “The magazine will let some of our writers get exposure on campus thru fashion articles, music, entertainment and even articles on food recipes, basically giving us a chance to write about things we want to write about,” Matia Wright, a senior speech communication major, said.

 “If you want to be a part of Drop Out Society, go to our campus connect page or see one of the members on campus,” said Dallas Evans, a junior business/marketing major and vice president of the organization.

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