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VSU students prepare for spring break festivities

It’s that time! Break out the sun block, lounge chairs, and colorful umbrellas. Spring break, especially for college students, is a much needed vacation from the responsibilities of being a student.

 One of the most frequently sought out places for college students is the beach.

 “I love the beach,” Ashley Rhys, senior psychology major, said. “I would bring a camera definitely, a towel, some sun block and shades.”

 The beach may be a point of interest, but not all students feel the same.

 “The beach is relaxing,” Don Mark Webb, senior English major, said. “I just hate the trip to get there.”

 It is always a good idea to remember to bring an umbrella, as well as lots of water to prevent dehydration. Good sunscreen as well as an extra blanket and binoculars are also helpful items on the beach.

 Many students at VSU are ready for spring break beach trips.

 “I would bring a book, a towel, sunglasses, and something I could plug my iPod into,” Webb said.

 Other students enjoy different activities while on the beach.

 “I like to sit in a lounge chair and watch the sun set on the ocean front,” Greg Jackson, sophomore chemistry major, said. “ It’s one of the best times of the day because it’s cool out, and I get to watch beautiful women.”

 A change of clothes, a book or magazine, and a first aid kit are also beneficial to bring.

Several students have different past-times at the beach.

 “I don’t get in the water because I can’t swim, so I bring something to make sandcastles,” Latoia Blassingame, freshmen marketing major, said.

 While the beach is fun, it is important to be safe. This includes remembering water  and food rules.

 “Don’t eat something that’s not yours,” Robert Rozier, junior pre-medicine major, said. “I have fun, but not too much where it gets crazy; everything is good in moderation.”

 So while packing for your day on the beach, remember those important items to bring and keep in mind the safety rules.

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