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SGA debates snacks, parking

 Snack rules, parking in restricted work areas and Justice of the Judicial Council were discussed in Monday’s SGA meeting.

 Attendance was comparatively low, with many senators’ seats left empty and the visitors’ area filled with less than 10 people.

  The first to speak at the meeting was Genesis Jackson, a junior who is campaigning for the Justice of the Judicial Council position. She spoke of her qualifications and answered questions from senators.

 “I am definitely a hard worker and I have got great analytical skills,” Jackson said in response to a senator’s question.

  The next issue addressed was the construction around Langdale Hall. Many students are receiving parking tickets for leaving their vehicles in restricted work areas.

 A favorable solution was not reached since it was not clear if the problem was poor judgment on the students’ part, or the unfairness of campus security.

  The major issue that received the most attention and questions from senators and required the most explanation from officers, concerned how many violations of the “no snacks at SGA meetings” rule senators are allowed to accumulate before being asked to leave the room, or before receiving a written citation.

 Senators questioned the officers for 20 minutes, asking if more than one violation per meeting counted against them, when it was going into effect, and why the rule had to exist anyway.

 “It is not a competition for every senator to see how many ways they can break rules,” Helen Burkett, SGA senator, said before receiving another bevy of snack questions. “The purpose is to make the atmosphere more businesslike during meetings.

 SGA meetings are every Monday at 8 p.m. in the Student Union.

 The meetings are open to the public.

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