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Coming Soon: Local independent film company to premiere new horror flick by Halloween

Doug Sebastian Productions (DSP), a Valdosta-based indie film company, plans to release a new film written by Roy Kirkland entitled “Battle of the Cursed: The Two Kings.”

“I got the idea while filming our previous movie, Crazed,” Roy Kirkland, writer, cast director and actor, said. “The two main characters in this film, Tyler Mitchell and Blake Connell, did such a superb job that I decided to write a vampire/werewolf movie that would include these two actors.”

“When we finished filming Crazed, I awoke one Sunday morning and began writing,” he said.

Filming for “Battle of the Cursed: The Two Kings” began in April. It has since taken place all over Valdosta and Lowndes County—Spook Bridge, Remerton Mill, Lakes Chapel, Fairview historic district, Lowndes County Historical Museum, Lowndes County Courthouse, Ms. V’s Downtown Diner, The Haunted Bell House (formerly Vito’s Restaurant) and various other places.

“Five months later we are almost finished with the filming aspect of my Sunday morning thoughts,” Kirkland said.

Put-off by the way the crew for “Zombieland” filmed in Valdosta and yet mislead audiences into believing the location in the story, was out west, Kirkland decided not only would “Battle of the Cursed: The Two Kings” be filmed in Valdosta, but it would play a key role as the setting for the story as well. Given how much of Valdosta—setting and cast—went into the film, it only seemed fitting.

“We have managed to film a movie that has involved a tremendous amount of work on a very tight shoestring budget,” Kirkland said. “So we hope that when this film is released, people will realize that we did pretty good considering we didn’t have the Hollywood Budget to work with.”

Roy Kirkland also stars in the film as Jonathan VanLandingham.

“[Jonathan VanLandingham is] a very naïve newspaper editor who has just been told by his 95-year-old Grandmother Amelia that vampires and werewolves have been residing in Valdosta,” he said.

The story follows Amelia’s tale of a war between vampires and werewolves from long ago, and her evil brother, Arizstid, who—after being resurrected by his sons Tiberius and Sir Thomas—plans to start another war between the good werewolves and vampires and the bad werewolves and vampires.

The cast includes several Valdosta residents and VSU students—past and present.
Chris Sehested, senior mass media major, plays the creature of the woods in the film.

“I would like to direct films and act while incorporating elements from my gothic subculture,” Sehested said. “Funny thing was, I never heard about a specific time the auditions were being held and got there at the last minute. I was the last one to audition during the day and was really liked by everyone during the audition.”

Auditions had an impressive turn-out for each role.

“Individuals were given lines from the story to read. The audition was held at Mathis Auditorium in February of this year. Over 400 people auditioned,” Kirkland said.

Sehested said, “Filming has certainly been interesting, to say the least. It was nice seeing the sets being built and helping out with different aspects. I certainly can say I’ve learned quite a lot about how the different aspects of production in the film industry are like.”

The film was written by Roy Kirkland—Cast Director and fellow actor in the film—and the film’s director, cinematographer and editor is Doug Sebastian. Movie producers, Dr. Rick Ambrozic of Southern Vein and Laser Center, Dr. Brian Carter and Dr. Minor Garcia helped fund the purchase and use of state-of-the-art equipment.

“We hope to find more Producers for our next film, ‘Grandma’s Blessings,’ a comedy featuring an old 1970 Champion RV,” Kirkland said. “Casting begins this September. We’re also talking about a sequel for ‘Battle of the Cursed’.”

“Battle of the Cursed: The Two Kings” is estimated to be finished by October and Kirkland hopes to have a “World Premiere” at Mathis Auditorium before Halloween.

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