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Eclectic dessert at its finest

So, there I was, no lie, a hot Thursday afternoon walking into Valdosta’s newest eclectic dessert shop.

Now before I even set foot in the place I had a funny feeling about the place, not like “Oh my God, they have Rocky Road!” but more of “Oh crap….yogurt.”

Before I hear the uproar of the local granola hippies and eco-mentalists I just want to state that I am not a big confection guy.

I’ve never had those dire urges to consume stupid amounts of chocolate, whipped cream, gallons of ice cream or M&M’s. It is not my cup of tea I guess you could say.

Well, as I stroll into The Mix I’m immediately hit with a blast of intense colors and happy pop music.

Before I can pray to the God of Thunder, a cute, bubbly girl runs up to me and greets me at the door. Good marks for presentation and personally welcoming all the customers.

So, like I was saying, the attractive ambusher asks me if I have ever graced their establishment with my presence. Of course I say no.

She then begins to instruct me on how the process works to serve myself soft served ice cream…or something.

Against the far wall are about eight dispensing machines that have a range of flavors to fit anyone’s yogurt needs. I chose the watermelon and Acai berry.

But before I go on let me just say, stay away from the Acai berry. It tasted like sour chalk sitting in a tube of sour cream.

Then The Mix lets customers proceed down a serving line with every conceivable yogurt topping.

I saw fresh fruit at the beginning and chopped up candy bars at the end, plus everything else in between.

So, I wasn’t lacking any creative ideas so I kinda just went with what would match my watermelon and Acai berry colors.

Sour patch kids, strawberries, skittles and some candy cotton syrup went into my bowl.
With my large cup of overflowing awesomeness I took it to the register to checkout, but before I whipped out my wallet another cute young lady appears out of nowhere and proceeds to weigh my cup.

The Mix doesn’t charge a flat rate for sizes or flavors but charges you by weight—40 cents per ounce.

To recap, the Mix: happy atmosphere, cheap prices, fun idea, and close to campus.

They are located in the same shopping complex as Bayou Bill’s, at the corner of Jerry Jones Dr. and Baytree Rd. behind Slap Daddy’s.

So, if you are looking for a nice relief from the South Georgia heat, The Mix might be what you are looking for. But for God sake’s don’t eat the Acai berry.

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