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Housing enforces new id cards for students

Starting this fall semester, all main campus residence halls have implemented a color coded ID system suggested by a former RA.

The new system has made the monitoring of people entering and leaving residence halls more efficient.

Before the new system, a card swipe and a front desk worker acted as the only points of security when people entered the residence halls.

To enter the residence halls, students had to swipe a One Card at the door. Then, a front desk worker would stop the person, ask for an ID, and confirm the person was a resident by searching a hall roster.

While the system worked, it took time and made it possible for people to slip by the front desk worker while he or she was busy looking at the roster.

“The color coded card system was implemented to improve the efficiency of the resident verification,” Teddi Walker, Assistant Director of Residence Life, said.

According to Walker, instead of looking up residents on a hall roster, front desk workers can now look for the color on the card that pertains to that certain residence hall “thereby saving time for the resident and the desk worker.”

“The resident doesn’t even have to stop at the desk most times,” Walker said. “They keep walking and just flash the card, kind of like an Easy Pass at a toll booth.”

Kamaya Hinson, sophomore Interior Design major, says she doesn’t think the system has made entering and exiting the residence halls more efficient.

“I hate it,” Hinson said.

“We already have to keep up with our ID card and now you’re telling me we have to keep up with another card?”

To enter the residence halls, a card must still be swiped at the door.

Guests must still be checked in­­­ at the f­­­ront desk and escorted at all times by a resident as well.

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  1. That’s awesome! Now the myriad of criminals in Valdosta who are just waiting for the chance to rob, rape, or kill college students inside their dorms won’t be able to get in!!! Unless of course they just wait for one of the many freshmen who will lose this card to do so and pick it up, then wait for a person who lives in whichever hall they want to access to go in or come out, catch the door and flash a card to get in, all the while walking just out of range of video surveillance, then…. Wait…why the h— are they gonna go through all the trouble of that, when they could just go to one of the many, many, many unsecure places on campus, and victimize the first person alone they see? Oh, yeah, the same reason all the other criminals don’t. This is a college town. You want to rob, just grab someone’s stuff at the open-to-the-public library that they have left alone. You want sex, you don’t have to rape anyone: go to the bars, more than likely you won’t even have to buy the girls any drinks to get what you want. You want to murder someone? The middle of a dorm or patrolled campus is clearly not the best place to do it. There is next to no effective security on this campus, why make ridiculous “security” measures that won’t be followed anyway. The best security is to only accept intelligent students… so much for that…

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