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Working out the numbers

The weekly SGA meeting this past Tuesday reflected the struggles of its new members to find their feet, as the only issue debated was whether or not to spend roughly $300 on pizza for a Senate Retreat on Sunday.

The first order of business occurred when the vice president, Dericka Powers, tried to get volunteers to enlist for the Parking and Transportation Appeals, but had difficulty getting senators to sign up. Powers even resorted to asking if certain members had classes or work conflicting with the time.

The president of the SGA did not raise any issues or discussions during his allotted time, provoking comment from at least one audience member.

“We want to hear things from the president and the other leaders in SGA; what is he doing through this week,” alumni Johnathan Lozano, 23, said. “A lot of people feel like they should reach out more.”

The issue that seemed to provoke the most comment and attention was the pizza being served Sunday at the Senate Retreat. Everything from toppings, to cost, to who would bring plates was brought up. The senators’ pizza took longer to discuss than the qualifications of three potential senators.

Paul Rosemond, Ryan Baerwalde, and Amber Worthy all had the chance to speak and answer questions during the meeting, with the hope of being elected the next SGA senator. SGA traditionally has a maximum of 50 senators, but only 47 spots were occupied before Monday’s meeting.

“I feel pretty confident,” sophomore Baerwalde said after he spoke to the SGA. “In the end the questions really helped me elaborate on my positive qualities.”

Eventually Amber Worthy was elected the next SGA senator, but two spots remain up for grabs.

The SGA has many issues to discuss, but this week’s meeting stuck to matters within their sphere of entertainment and importance.

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