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Drake’s new album leaks; the ladies from Real Housewives of Atlanta, Bad Girls Club return

It’s No-Shave-November and ladies while you’re busy trying to hide your hairy legs under those leggings and cute boots, sit back and listen to some juicy detail on the scoop I have for you this week!

Now, let’s start off with our favorite emo rapper, Drake, who can’t get the game of love right to save his life.

So earlier this week, Drake’s sophomore CD “Take Care” leaked over the net and remember last time he had that same problem with “Thank Me Later” which leaked like a month before it dropped. Well, the rapper took to twitter last night with his comments about the leak—which I had the pleasure of witnessing after hours of watching for links to the leak.

Dreezy didn’t put up as much attitude as you would have thought and actually had a positive, nonchalant way of putting it, “I am not sure if the album leaked but if it did, thank God it doesn’t happen a month early like anymore.” He also went on and encourage people to listen to it and if they liked it to show support.

The album is set to drop on the Nov. 15 and it includes tracks with Rihanna, Rick Ross, The Weekend, Stevie Wonder and more. Oh, and let’s not forget his big booty crush Nicki and boy crush—I kid, I kid—Weezy. What I hear so far is an alright mix of sap songs and egotistic cuts for the wanna-be ballers and if you’re an all out fan the you’re going to buy no matter what grade I give it.

Well, it looks like Drake is taking the leak better than the comments on twitter and tumblr but that is neither here or there because Sunday and Monday brought some good stuff, baby!

The premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta came on at 9 p.m. on bravo just like it promised—and trust me, those ladies can put on a premiere.

Better than what I thought it was going to be and so much more—so shall we?

If Miss Ne Ne Leakes didn’t come back this season with that bad-chick-with-a-whole-lot-of-cash mentality, then honey, that’s Kim Zolack’s real hair!

She got that little check from being on that Donald Trump show and it went straight to her head—knowing she’s one ashy ankle from being in payless and two shirts away from Cato’s. Don’t try it, Miss Leakes!

And I absolutely loved when Sheree checked that tail at the restaurant—even though she needs to tell her princess boy, Lawrence, to sit down somewhere. The salon is where he needs to stay, not the singing booth. I still love their little chi-chats and their versions of the “story.”

Cynthia is still riding up Ne Ne’s tail like last season even though Ne Ne clearly showed her she doesn’t care one lick about a friendship—and I still say her and Peter has something going on. She about broke her neck trying to get to Ne Ne to console her. Child, please!

Even though Kandi can’t seem to get through her head that she should stick to writing hits for other people and keep her tail out the booth also, she seemed to find something she is clearly good at, selling sex—since we all know, or probably don’t, that she used to get down back in her Xscape days.

Kandi has gotten a little smart and is trying to make a penny out of Kandi Koated Nights because she’s definitely not getting it from Kim! Yes, Kim still owes her money—but you think she’s thinking about that when she hit goal with her Falcon!

Ok, that leaves me a few words for the BGC 7 reunion with my boo Perez Hilton! I can’t say what he had on but we knew that the drama definitely wasn’t over. Nastasia came ready to throw hands as soon as she hit the stage.

Of course, Shelly had to roll those eyes and Tasia was ready to knock them back straight. Oh! It wasn’t bleached she use in her contacts but come to find out it was makeup remover—not that that’s any better.

Judi explained why she had the voodoo for the girls in the house and also explained her purse never leaving her side. Cheyenne and Priscilla came out with their little attitudes and the girls quickly told them why they were the first to get booted. Then, out came Tasha and let’s say tune in for part two because it will go down!

Alright, it’s time for me to wrap this up. I said too much already! Just stay tuned next time for the latest dirty and juicy gossip and celeb news. Oh, let’s not forgets the music world and what they have to offer! Remember to stay focused and keep those grades up so you can get out of here. Peace!

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