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Wale’s sophomore release looks to improve on first

Wale has finally released his much anticipated sophomore album titled “Ambition” on Nov. 1.

While Wale’s first album flopped, selling only 28,000 copies in the first week, “Ambition” is already on pace to sell close to 200k copies in its first week.

The title of the album couldn’t have described Wale’s intentions better. He is ambitious to learn from his mistakes on his freshman album and rise to the top of the music industry.

Not only has there been a change in music labels from Interscope Records to Maybach Music Group, there has also been a change in the music. Wale combines personal material with exaggerated entertainment.

Songs on the album include his singles, “Lotus flower bomb,” and “Focused,” as well as “Don’t hold your applause,” “Chain Music” and “Slight work.”

Features consist of fellow and infamous rapper Rick Ross, Miguel, Kid Kudi, Meek Mill, Lloyd, Big Sean, Ne-Yo, Sam Dew and Jeremih. Wale seems to want nothing but the best when it comes to this album as these artists are all well-known and admired.

It seems Wale made a good decision to switch labels after catching the eye of Rick Ross.

His hit-single ‘Lotus flower bomb” featuring Miguel, released Oct. 11, was only a preview of the mind-blowing songs Wale has to offer on “Ambition.”

Wale uses his personal experiences and upbringing to add new meaning to the word “ambition.”

The song “Chain Music” describes his journey from “humble upbringings” to the more extravagant life he leads now.

While he aspires to reach the top, he also goes on to satirically sing about how he’s tired of making money which is exemplified in the song “Don’t hold your applause.”

“Ambition”, featuring Rick Ross and Meek Mill, best describes his outtake on life and his ambitions to succeed;

“The time is now on everything/Took my heart away from money/Ain’t interested in fame/But I pray that never change/Ambition is priceless/It’s something that’s in your veins/And I put that on my name.”

I believe Wale has come a long way since dropping his first album “Attention Deficit” in 2009. The change in record labels may have played a big part in it, but I think it was a smart move by Wale.

While it’s hard for me to pick a favorite track on the album just yet, I play “Lotus flower bomb” on repeat daily.

I give it a 4 out of 5 rating. “Ambition” is available at local CD stores and on-line—money well spent.

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