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SGA discusses new Health Center policies and funding

The Student Government Association discussed the Student Health Center’s new policy of requiring insurance along with other issues during Monday night’s meeting in Powell Hall.

Beginning this semester, the Student Health Center has implemented a new system that allows it to collect student insurance policy information.

This is an attempt to minimize the cost of services not covered by the semester health fee.

Fees not included in this semester health fee include laboratory tests, X rays and minor surgery services.

This allows the university to balance some of its costs by filing specific student health services with insurance companies that are considered “in network” and have agreed to participate in acknowledging VSU as a primary care provider.

Insurance companies that are considered “out of network” will not cover fees and therefore will leave the student responsible to pay the remaining balance found on his or her Student Health Center receipt following his or her visit.

There was some confusion among senate members as to the purpose of this policy.

SGA President Graham Davis gave an explanation as to why the university put this policy in place.

“By filing some instances with insurance companies, the university can keep costs down better than when that option was not available,” Davis, a junior political science major, said.

Though this new policy has been enacted, Davis feels that students have nothing to worry about.

“As far as I know, it’s definitely nothing for the students to get up in arms about,” Davis said. “If students were required to pay anything more than they were, then we would definitely have heard about it before now.”

According to Davis, the policy regarding students paying a $127 health fee per semester is still active and hasn’t changed.

Under this policy the health fee makes the student eligible for regular scheduled visits to the Health Center during the semester.

“A new health insurance policy might have been enacted, but students aren’t being required to pay any more than they already were,” Davis said.

Some students, such as senior Jeremy Kirk, feel as though the new health insurance policy is a tad ridiculous.

“I don’t feel the university is hurting for money by any means,” Kirk, a senior middle grades education major, said. “We pay enough fees where the health center should cover everything and health insurance shouldn’t matter.”

In other news, SGA also approved funding in the amount of $600 for the Collegiate Men of VSU for their Women’s Appreciation Dinner hosted yesterday evening in the University Center Magnolia room. The event was designed to give back to the women of VSU and show the art of being a true gentleman.

SGA also approved support for Humans vs. Zombies, a new interest group that play a combination of tag and hide and seek in Sustella Parking deck two to three nights a week.

“It’s something that quite a few of us looking forward to,” Mary Thompson, a junior psychology major, said “It’s our weekly indulgence of fun, and relaxation.”

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