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Georgia Hall revokes resident visitation rights

Visitation privileges for all Georgia Hall residents have been temporarily revoked for reasons that have yet to be clarified.

According to Leighia Hammond, associate director of Housing, the suspension of visitation rights is in response to numerous reports of vandalism and damage that have happened within the past few weeks.

Housing and Residence Life are working to ensure that students are made aware of the reasons for their recent visitation loss.

“We are in the process this week of meeting with the residents in a series of three meetings to be sure we can reach them all, and assuming things go well, look to reinstate visitation after that point,” Hammond said.

She also mentioned that Bonnie Brackett, Complex Director for Georgia Residence Hall, and Shelli Ivey, Residence Hall Director for Georgia Hall, have been teaming up with all Georgia Hall Resident Assts., as well as Georgia Hall Council to find solutions to control visitation, including a hall watch program.

Hammond said that once they can find a proper solution for this issue, reinstatement will take place.

Ivey stated the suspension was not a consequence, but a necessity due to hall traffic.

“The main reason we decided to not allow visitation was to limit the amount of people coming in and out of the building,” Ivey said.

The thought to stop the use of elevators came up but was decided against.

Ivey said that some students are handling the action worse than others.

Taylor Dixon, a freshman undecided major, said that she believes that it is a punishment that affects the whole hall when it should only apply to a certain floor that has displayed misconduct.

“I feel that if I’m going to be punished for what others do, then I also want to be rewarded for what others accomplish,” Dixon said.

She goes on to briefly describe the types of vandalism that have taken place recently.

She mentioned that the fire extinguisher was set off twice, bulletin boards were set on fire, both directional and room number signs were torn off of the walls, and buttons were removed from the elevators’ panels.

Only parents and family members are permitted to visit at this time.

Jennifer Gleason and Megan Harris also contributed to this article.

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