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SGA: Building back on budget, cookout planned

Plans for the new Health Sciences building are back underway according to the SGA meeting on Feb. 27 in the UC Magnolia room.

SGA Comptroller Drew McCall announced that thanks to letters written to legislature, the Health Sciences building for VSU medical field majors is now back on the budget.

“The letters were necessary because four schools from Atlanta got funding that was meant for VSU,” McCall said.

The Health Sciences building will be located next to the South Georgia Medical Center.

New business was dominated by the plans for an SGA cookout.

The publicity chairs of SGA presented a cookout in hopes to use some of the funds from SGA as well as create a bonding experience between the SGA and the students here at VSU.

The cookout is scheduled for Tuesday in the Palms Quad from 1 to 3 p.m., and will be co-hosted by SGA and the Collegiate Men of VSU.

“We want to build Blazer pride,” Samuel Logan, senator and publicity chair for SGA, said.

Logan estimated the prices for the food and sunglasses which are to be handed out during the cook out.

The cost of food came to about $2,247.50, at $8.99 a person. The sunglasses were estimated to be .93 cents each, coming to $282.50.

Both figures were voted upon by the SGA members after two short intermissions.

At first the pricing for food was determined by the prices of Sam’s club, however it was announced that all functions occurring on the campus, requiring food, have to be purchased via the catering service here at VSU.

“This new requirement has been incorporated because it’s a contract with the in-house catering service which ensures business for the catering service,” Logan said.

The amount of food purchased was determined by the amount of students that showed up to past SGA events.

Because of lack of attendance, less food will be ordered this time.

“It would be better to run out of food than to have excess,” said Logan.

It is estimated that at least 400 students will attend the event.

All SGA members are required to attend and to wear black and or red VSU shirts.

Advertising for the cookout would be left to word of mouth and a sheet sign.

In other news issues with residence hall laundry rooms was discussed.

One of the senators brought to the attention of the floor that there are a lack of functioning washers and dryers in the residence halls.

Students waste money and time trying to dry clothes due to malfunctioning machines.

It was proposed that money be spent on the maintenance on the machines, however SGA Vice President Derika Powers said that the SGA could not cover such an issue, but it could be reported via work orders.

“If students call the number on the washer they will give you your money back,” Shaquandra Mesidor, SGA senator, said.

Last on the list, the issues of smoking and dress code returned as two topics which could potentially gain headway with the floor in the future.

The ban on smoking, though, is more popular than the dress code for campus.

“The smoking ban has received more support than the dress code,” Graham Davis, SGA president, said. “I think we need to stop talking about the dress standard because they put a wall up for it.”

Both these policies, if taken through the steps with the floor, will be voted upon by the student body when presidential voting commences.

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