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Students create their own personal street signs

Tuesday night students packed themselves into the Rotunda of the Student Union to attend the Street Signs event, an event which allowed students to create their own personal street signs.

The event was hosted by Campus Activities Board and started at 7 p.m., but students were already crowding in around 6:15 p.m.

Freshmen Danielle Shifflett and Savannah Saunder were excitedly awaiting their turn to have their signs printed.

“We were just walking by and saw the crowd and decided to stop to see what was going on,” Shifflett said.” The line was going pretty fast and the event was free; events like these are the benefits of living on campus.”

Students carried around signs that read, Ally St., Sweet & Wild and Dead End.

Karena Brown, a freshman at VSU, had her sign dangling from her hand which read, “Jesus is Lord.” When asked the reasoning behind her sign’s title, she said, “Because He is.”

Brown feels her sign added meaning in comparison with the others.

“Everyone else has signs with their names on them, I wanted to do something different,” she said.

The event included a large machine that cut out large, bold, black letters to be pasted onto red signs, similar to street signs. Due to the large crowd of students, there was confusion in the midst of it all.

Jaleesa Evans, also a freshman, stood in line with Brown, waiting on her street sign to be printed.
Unfortunately her name had been skipped on the printing list, which meant she would be waiting a while longer for her street sign.

My friend Jaleesa has been waiting on her sign for a while now,” Brown said. “First the guy with CAB told us that they were printing signs in order, but another guy told me that the easiest signs were being printed first.”

The CAB event ended at 11pm with students still chatting about their signs. CAB volunteers began packing up to leave after a long night of achieving their goal of providing entertainment and certainly planning a fun activity.

CAB has hosted the “Street Sign” event twice this school year one being in September. CAB hosts many other events throughout the year with the expressed purpose to provide entertainment, recreation, and educational programs for the University student body.

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  1. I have seen this events on other campuses with the same response. I own an event entertainment company and I know first hand; Students love Cool Free souvenirs.
    Party on CAB for a good choice.

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