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Posey continues to hold the torch for VSU

 Sam Posey has improved her batting to .396 and is one of the key contributors to the Blazers domination this season.

The Spectator recently caught up with the senior third basemen, who spoke on the team’s success, the upcoming post-season, and more.

EJ: Your team is currently on a 27-game winning streak and showing no sign of slowing down. How does it feel to be #1 in the nation?

SP: “It feels great, we’ve worked hard, and definitely have earned it.”

EJ:What has been the main key to the team’s success this season?

SP:“As a team we all get along really well. We have great camaraderie and everybody works hard. There’s not a day that goes by where people are complaining about being at practice because we want to win. We want to be the best.”

EJ:What has been your biggest improvement in your second year as a Blazer?
SP:“Just keeping my head up and trying to come through when my team needs me the most. Just getting that extra RBI to secure the win or something like that.”

EJ:You recently got some ESPN publicity again for the second time, how was this year different than last years?

SP: “This year the article was based on title 9. It was a really fun interview, the girl did a really great job. She was just comparing my brother (Buster Posey) and myself, cause it was about sibling rivalries. We were ranked one of the top nine sibling rivalries in the country. It was fun, I got to talk about my childhood and Buster as always.”

EJ: Before transferring and starting your career at VSU, what made you want to play for Coach Macera?

SP:“He’s an awesome coach and he’s a great person. He knows what he’s talking about especially when it comes to hitting. He’s changed me as a hitter for the better of course. He wants to win and he’s about the girls too, not just about himself.”

EJ: A few weeks ago he became the winningest coach ever at VSU, what did the team do as a celebration?


SP: “We tried to pour the water cooler on him but we actually got ourselves more wet than him. He really won’t let us do anything to congratulate him. Even if we tried to throw this big surprise party, he’s so modest and doesn’t really want everybody to know. We all signed a ball and gave it to him. I think that was enough for him.”

EJ:Would winning another Gulf South Conference be enough to satisfy you?

SP: Absolutely not. We’re looking at the big picture, taking it game by game. We’re going for a national championship and nothing less.  

EJ: Does the pressure of being the team to beat when the post-season comes bother you?

SP: “I’m not going to look at it like that. Yes, that’s probably how it will be, but I’m not going to think of it like that. We’ll take one game at a time. That’s our motto.”

EJ:Do you expect to play for a national champion this year?

SP:“I would definitely hope so. As hard as we’ve worked and as good as we’re playing right now. I don’t want to come up any less than that.”

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