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Shooting safety video among items discussed by SGA

After the semester ends, VSU could become a simulated war zone.

At the SGA meeting Monday night, senators discussed an “Active Shooter” video to be filmed after the school closes for winter break.

The film would be a VSUPD production. Amber Worthy, SGA vice president, explained.

“We do have an open campus, and we are more susceptible to active shooters, which is someone coming around campus and shooting,” Worthy said. “We’re going to pray that doesn’t happen, but it’s possible.”

Worthy also explained the purpose of these videos.

“The active shooter video will be what to do in case of an active shooter,” Worthy said. “It just shows where to go, what to do, and the three possibilities that you have—run, fight, or hide.”

VSU is in the position of being a big campus, but also an open campus.

Members of the city of Valdosta’s SWAT team, as well as various theater students, would be recruited to take part in the video.

The film will be set in one of the freshman residence halls, as well as the pedestrian mall.

Also discussed during the SGA meeting was the confirmation of a new member of the judicial branch.

That member, Nicholas Stephens, was one of two selected by President Ryan Baerwalde during judicial hearings held the previous week. Stephens spoke before the Senate during the meeting.

“I want to be a part of the judicial board because I wanted to be part of code enforcement,” Stephens said. “I looked at the rules and regulations, and I read over the constitution for the SGA, read what the judicial board does, and I was really interested in that.”

The justice meetings, according to Baerwalde, depend on the behavior of VSU students.            

“A friend of mine is actually a justice,” Baerwalde said. “He’s had […] six straight weeks of where he had to go in and meet every Friday.”

The length of these Friday meetings depend on the simplicity of the cases that the justices have to hear, and Baerwalde explained that some meetings have run for as long as six hours.

“It’s a very important position, and a very serious position,” Baerwalde said. “They do hold the future of the students in their hands.”

“Hopefully they don’t see too many students, but when they do, they take care of business,” Baerwalde also said. “They are a very serious bunch of people.”

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