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Senators may lose seats

 Several SGA senators may be stripped of their seats due to lack of attendance.
The issue was revealed during Monday night’s SGA meeting, where the attendance policy was reiterated, and it was announced that several senators had violated that policy.

 The absence policy states that any absence from an SGA meeting must be reported to Secretary Kelly Hessler at least 24 hours before the meeting starts, or the absence would be deemed unexcused. After three unexcused absences, a senator would be put up for review by the judicial board, with the possibility of losing their seat.

 “None of these senators are technically removed until they go before the Judiciary Committee,” wrote Ryan Baerwalde, SGA President, in an email on Wednesday.

According to SGA Vice President, Amber Worthy, some exceptions are considered.

 “Unless there’s something that happens right before you got to the meeting–like you got into a car accident, or you died.”

 Worthy, who spoke for the absent Hessler at the meeting, explained that the SGA had been somewhat lenient with the absence policy– something that she indicated should not have been the case.

 Worthy also indicated that she had a list of Senators that would be put under review by the Judicial board for losing their seats, and a list of senators that would also be put under consideration for losing their seats, but when asked about it after the meeting, SGA comptroller Hassanat Oshodi interrupted.

 “We can not tell you that,” Oshodi said, explaining that the information should not be put in the Spectator.

 Hessler was not available for comment on Wednesday.

 Baerwalde indicated that he and the SGA desires students to attend meetings to fill these senate seats.

 “The SGA is wanting dedicated students, who want to take an active role in shaping VSU’s future,” Baerwalde said.

 He also pointed out that this is not the intention of the SGA.

 “I ran my campaign with promises of transparency,” Baerwalde said, “and I plan to keep my word.”

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