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Web Exclusive: Dangerous chemtrails purposely ignored

There are quite a few people that are absolutely convinced that the job description of our government is to simply round us all up and dumb the entire population down, easier to control. One of the best examples of this government abuse is chemtrails. Which are cloud-looking bodies that are sprayed from jets while they pass over-head. We’ve all seen them, maybe it wasn’t noticed because you weren’t sure what you were looking at, to witness them though all you have to do is peer up into our big beautiful blue sky streaked with white. This manipulation on our environment is undoubtedly the largest attack on the human species that has ever been conjured up and put into effect.

The media has been completely ignoring the issue, aside from selection alternative news websites. Whether this is purposeful blindness or merely ignorance, is up to each individual to decipher on their own. These chemtrails are under the observation of Atmospheric Radiation Measurement, or ARM for short. This is a branch of our government that is held responsible for keeping track of the aerosol particle regurgitating campaign that we know as chemtrails. This conglomerate of corruption even hosts its own website, the information supplied is completely bogus. Its only purpose is to appease the public because of the Freedom of Information Act. These chemtrails are full of barium and aluminum as well as sulfur dioxide, keep in mind this is only naming a few of the components.  Next time some free time shows up put in a Google search on chemtrails. Granted, there are quite a few small websites that are somewhat ignorant in their ideas and conclusions, these are still common people with very legitimate questions.

It’s not jus the media showing an enormous lack of responsibly by not reporting on this kind of information it’s the entire population, it’s every single person that walks outside and doesn’t look up and wonder what’s going on with the sky, or thinking that everything important to know is being broadcasted for the entire public. The fact is no one should trust what everyone is saying with out thorough independent research, there has to be someone that is questioning the actions of those who “represent” the population. People should all be screaming at the top of their lungs and demanding that the local broadcasting systems report on this daily until the media bigwigs get their heads out of the sand. ARM claims to only monitor natural particles found in our atmosphere, their full of it. Anyone, be they a believer or non-believer should read the Preservation Act of 2001 where our glorious, ever protecting, constantly vigilant government openly admits to the use of chemtrials and weather control techniques The public is being lied to; you’re being lied to. The sooner this kind of information gets attention the sooner it’ll get reported on and the sooner actions can be made to stop this harmful process. We as the population of earth shouldn’t be standing for this and mother earth definitely can’t stand up for herself. Research and read, it’s our only way to find the truth and evolve.


This Web Exclusive is brought to you by staff writer Ivey Ingalls-Rubin.

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  1. I believe this article was quite insightful. I never gave a second thought to these white streamy clouds that I saw. I have done some research and found this to be toxic chemicals. We need to all be aware of our enviroment and take steps to educate ourselves before it is too late. Great article

  2. U tube has numerous documented accounts of aluminum oxide, barium, I found on a search air force MSDS Barium (chemtrails) .
    Nasa is doing some experiments to cover-up the gravity and reality of the spraying with the typical line of Contrails and condensation gobbleygook!!. and new jet fuel additives….??????????on commercial airlines.mmm…
    Do a search on chemtrails and weather control Geoengineering. , Bill gates, and Utube exposees all over the world. We are messing up with Gods creation to have control on crops and harvests all over the world.
    I agree with you. Someone needs to open this can of worms really wide. 60 minutes had a documented show on this. The chemicals used on weather control are harmful. Check Barium MSDS.
    We are in the 21 st century. They can not convince us with lies. Can u lie to the entire world just because u are Nasa?

  3. Sharing your insightful post at Chemtrails Kill a group on facebook.

    One by one, we the people look up and see what is going on in the skies, then share the truth.


    • Wow thank you so much for the support! It truly pleases me to see there are others who have open eyes, ears and minds 🙂

  4. Way to go. This is the biggest unreported story on the planet.

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