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Blazers hope to keep up streak


by Stuart Price It was a Blazer’s total take down, but now they hope to regain that confidence against Shorter University tonight. The Blazers defeated the conference-leading Chargers on Jan. 22 against the University of Alabama-Huntsville. With a late three-pointer from Josh Lemons, sophomore guard, and a key block from Colin Cook, senior forward/center, the Blazers were able to maintain ... Read More »

Probe clears McKinney

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by John Stephen The investigation into events involving former VSU professor Dr. Mark George has concluded, finding that no wrongdoing took place in the VSU administration’s treatment of Dr. George last summer. The University System of Georgia’s director of ethics and compliance, Wesley Horne, conducted the review after Dr. George and VSU President William McKinney separately requested it. This report ... Read More »

Creative Coffee: Organizations go head-to-head in Starbucks Sweepstakes competition


By: Zenobia Harris The “Buck the Menu” Starbucks Sweepstakes competition has come a sweet close. The Collegiate Men of VSU was declared the winner earlier this week for the competition, which started Dec. 3 by SGA member, Taylor Ratcliff. The competition was sponsored by the SGA and V- State Dining. During the first round of the competition, student organizations could ... Read More »

Je Suis Charlie: Our promise to you

Editorial cartoon

The smoke is settling all over the world and the once rampant roars of “Je Suis Charlie” are quickly turning into the memories of an earlier 2015. The attack on Charlie Hebdo earlier this month brought to light the effects that journalism, or more importantly satire, may stir up. Many people were quick to come to the magazine’s side after ... Read More »

Rare Manuscripts now on Display in Odum Library


by John Stephen The titans of history have arrived on campus – well, their writings have, at least. A collection of rare manuscripts is now on display at Odum Library. The wide-ranging compilation of books, documents and scrolls—the oldest dating back to 1250—is quite impressive. The collection includes works by Machiavelli, Aristotle, John Locke, Thoreau, Booker T. Washington and Ben ... Read More »

New Developments In Former Students’ Case

Former VSU student Hayden Barnes

by Kailee Kiyett A former VSU student and a former VSU president are set to go head-to-head after an appeals court reversed a decision over a case that floated over the courts seven years ago. Former VSU student Hayden Barnes will be going to court against Ronald Zaccari, former president of the university. Barnes was expelled in 2007 by Zaccari ... Read More »

Pride of VSU: Organization helps recruit football players


Written by: Allison Thorpe Football. America’s most loved sport. But all the tailgating, touchdowns, and tears hinge on one of the most tedious and thought-out processes of the game: recruiting. What many fans aren’t aware of is how a player chooses a school. Not only do coaches hunt for the best of the best to play for their team, but ... Read More »

Red Shoes for Blazer spirit

Red shoe

Written by: Mayah Cantave School spirit is not something that can be defined easily. It is a feeling of pride, a moment to foster relationships between students and to show support to your school. VSU is attempting to give all students and members of the community that feeling of pride. VSU has begun to kick off many activities to get ... Read More »

Smoothies make great on-the-go meal


Written: Hailey Nelson  During the week, I usually don’t have time to get out of bed, take a shower, get ready, pull together all of my school supplies, and make myself breakfast. I’m pretty sure all of us have experienced days like this. For me, on-the-go smoothies have been a lifesaver when comes to conserving time in the morning. Learning ... Read More »

Systematic shortcomings to blame for Michael Brown case, not race


Written by: John Preer  The fragile faith minorities have in the justice system has been left out cold in the streets like Michael Brown’s uncovered, lifeless body. The nation is in a state of disarray and a lot of people seem to be confused, misinformed or just oblivious to the situation America has found itself in.  The Michael Brown shooting ... Read More »