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Diet soda: More harmful than you thought

Written by Ivey Ingalls-Rubin


Why do people drink diet sodas? Is it because it tastes good or is it because people enjoy ingesting poison?

Aside from the oddballs who proclaim their love for the taste of artificial sweeteners, the typical person wouldn’t choose a diet drink over a regular soda.

The appeal of sugar-free drinks is the ability to guzzle them down without adding too many more holes to your belt.

Nowadays, names of the ingredients that are responsible for adding more pounds instead of keeping them off are made readily available; however, people continue drinking them, expanding at faster rates than those who consume the conventionally sweetened versions.

This may come as a surprise for those who have intentions of staying sylph-like. This isn’t new, though, or particularly surprising.

Nutritionists have been saying for a while now that even if a beverage doesn’t contain any real sugar they may mess up our body’s mechanisms for controlling appetite and insulin and blood glucose levels.

How exactly does it affect your body when you swallow a few quarts of energy-dense sugar solution, only for it later to realize it’s been fooled?

These alternatives to the sweetness we’ve all loved as children and brought with us as adults is healthy, in moderation.

Tricking the body with harmful pseudo-sweeteners such as aspartame and saccharine has far more harmful consequences than allowing the body to process sugar. Artificial sugars, or sweet poisons as I like to call them, are quite dangerous and cause over 92 different symptoms of modern diseases.

Most commercial diet sodas contain some form of artificial sweetener. Saccharine is still used as well as aspartame, and both are carcinogenic.

Aspartame has proved to be particularly harmful to laboratory rats and humans, but drinks containing the chemical are still on supermarket shelves.

How Monsanto, an American multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation, was able to get aspartame approved by the FDA is nothing more than a pitiful example of political arm twisting by greedy corporate weasels.

Aspartame is not allowed in over 90 percent of Europe, so why in the hell is it here? Why is the government allowed to poison citizens in the name of weight loss?

Don’t be stupid, we’re the youth, we’re the future and this must come to an end.

The end starts with awareness and the spreading of knowledge.

Those who are seriously concerned with weight loss should take note of research that has been done. There is an amazing alternative to soft drinks that is pure, natural and best of all free of additives: water.

It’s all I drink, it’s delicious and in most cases it’s free. You can drink as much as you want and be hydrated instead of swallowing poison.

Although diet beverages may be free of those dreaded calories, they are not free of consequences.

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  1. Many people who aren’t ‘oddballs’ prefer the diet version because they are less sugary. Full fat coke is disgusting and leaves your mouth coated in sugary paste and your teeth squeak when you rub them together. Make your points but don’t start by deriding and large number of your audience.
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