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Student organizations ‘want you’

Written by: Isaiah Smart


How do you get the “full experience” of college? There are so many things to do – so many opportunities. But as a student, how do you access these opportunities? The answer is a simple one: Get involved. There are over 200 organizations on this campus and that means there are plenty of chances to do something besides go to class.

Why get involved? Well, why not? I have been in a number of organizations since I began my tenure at VSU in 2010 and I have loved every minute of it. Sure, it gets difficult to balance or sacrifice but there are always bigger goals to work toward, and that’s the great part. Being an active student opens a number of doors and that serves as a benefit at the end of the day. You meet a diverse group of people, you learn more about yourself and you get a chance to touch the lives of others. Who doesn’t want chances like that? Statistics even show that active students are more likely to graduate and stay at a particular university. Being active gives you a sense of pride for your school because you’re a part of something. You invest yourself in something that you believe in.

As mentioned before, there are over 200 organizations, and I dare to say there is something for everyone. There is a database known as Campus Connect that contains names and information on those groups that can be reached from the VSU website. You can research organizations by name or categories.

I intended to relax this year with my activity in organizations but it’s a certain allure you get from being active. Knowing that you had a hand in something that transcends you or your single capabilities feels great. If you’re looking to get involved, there are many outlets. One way is The Happening. Every year, vendors from the Valdosta Community and student organizations of all types get together on the Front Lawn to promote themselves. Campus Connect is another way to gain information as previously stated. Ask your professors! There are committees and groups that students are sought out for that could use a voice: YOUR voice. Some people even have peers that are active and just need a little push. Ask a friend about their organization and see if that works for you.

We need diversity in organizations. Feel free to join whatever interests you despite the “look” of the organization. Don’t miss out on the hidden doors VSU offers, step out of your comfort zone. Be blessed. Be great. Be safe.

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