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Country and rap unite

Written by: Isaiah Smart


What would a clash between Eric Church and T.I. sound like? Ask the LACS and listen to their new album, “Keep It Redneck.”

The LACS, consisting of Clay “Uncle Snap” Sharpe and Brian “Rooster” King, recently released the album as a follow-up effort to “190 Proof” that held the group on Billboard’s top country albums chart for 70 consecutive weeks.

The album takes listeners through modern country life with traditional guitars fused with stories presented in rap form. There is also a feature from Sarah Ross, an American Idol season 12 contestant.

One of the more popular tracks on the album is “Kick Dust.” With light drums, a variety of guitars, a fiddle and keys, the song puts its listeners on a porch at sunset, after a long week of work. “Kick Dust” is what comes off as the most successful blend of rapping and looming guitars on the album. Noah Gordon is featured on the song’s chorus and sings, “Kick dust just to get up on out of this rush,” about the desire to wind down from the busy life.

Another fan favorite from the album is “Make Things Right.” Carried by a guitar, the LACS reach into their memories of failed relationships. The chorus weaves through verses of lost love and detrimental mistakes. Hearing the song might even make listeners feel nostalgic about their own failed relationships.

On the downside, some of the album doesn’t work so well. “Kickin up Mud” is a bonus track that provides the country-rap hybrid but also has pop-like elements with powerful guitar riffs and hi-hats that make the song stand out like a sore thumb. “Tylenol,” on the other hand, is a bit repetitive in its chorus as Clay and Sharpe recall nights of drinking too much. Also, it seems to be reminiscent of classic country with the vocal approach and instrumentation.

Overall, I would give the album a 4/5. It is an easy listen and transitions well from one song to another. For more information, visit www.thelacsmusic.com.

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