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SGA contestants without challenge

Written by: Joe Adgie

Nick Buford and Tamelia Hall are running uncontested for the vice president and comptroller (respectively) of the SGA.

Buford, who is a running mate to presidential candidate Tyler Barker, hopes to “improve the student experience.”

“My job is basically going to be to implement the president’s plan, but carrying that out through the senate and through the order of the senate,” Buford said on Tuesday. “Basically, what I’ve been running on for my part of the platform has been accessibility, accountability and transparency.”

Buford wants to require that delegates to student organizations be senators.

“If there’s a senator that’s in the BSL (Black Student League), I want them to be our go-to contact person for BSL, and the same thing for the BSL toward the SGA, and the same thing for every other organization that we can get that to happen with on campus,” Buford said.

Buford said students must hold the SGA accountable as the SGA holds the VSU administration accountable.

“We just want to make sure that we’re catering to the students and improving the overall student experience,” Buford said.

“We want to be as open as possible−communicating with The Spectator, using media arts geniuses to get things out to the student body, making sure our records are open on the website, and making sure that students feel comfortable coming to us and talking to us about any concern that they may have,” Buford said.

Hall will be the next comptroller, having served as the president pro tempore during the past year.

“I want to make sure that organizations get money when they need it,” Hall said. “I want to make sure they’re informed. A lot of them don’t know they can get money or get help when they need it.”

Hall said things have run smoothly with current comptroller Erica Adams but displayed some bewilderment over the new fee allocation systems.

“It was a little confusing this year because it was kind of a new way to do it,” Hall said.

Nobody is running for SGA secretary. That seat will be filled by a special election in the fall.

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