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Je Suis Charlie: Our promise to you

The smoke is settling all over the world and the once rampant roars of “Je Suis Charlie” are quickly turning into the memories of an earlier 2015.

The attack on Charlie Hebdo earlier this month brought to light the effects that journalism, or more importantly satire, may stir up. Many people were quick to come to the magazine’s side after the attack, but the numbers dwindled with every offensive cartoon that was shown from the magazine’s past.

It became freedom of speech gone awry. Some people went as far as saying that the attack was not only inevitable but justified.

As journalists we are bestowed with the duty of presenting news to the people. With every story having more than one side, it is not uncommon that someone is offended.

As journalists, freedom of the press and speech resonate with us. That freedom is not just for us. It is for everyone. It is the same right that allows you to get the information you need. We got on our soapbox last semester and told you that we are necessary. This semester is no different.

We are not here to whine and we would like to think we are not self-absorbed; we just want you to know we are here for you. We are here to inform the students and the community.

The Spectator is not censored by administration. We are a student-run news organization and will do our best to provide you with news about campus events and scandals along with our opinions on some important issues.

Here at The Spectator we may not have the same caliber of controversy as some, but what we do have is the same fundamental right to show you what is going on around you and a little section on the third page of each issue to let you know how we feel about it. As long as there is news there will be journalists putting ourselves out there in one way or another.

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