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Campus crime decreases, students don’t see the results

Writen by: Jyrell Wynn, Staff Writer

Ann Farmer, the assistant director of the VSUPD, states that crime has not surged on campus.

According to the crime statistics report, rape, robbery and aggravated assault are just some of the crime that decreased dramatically. From 2011 to 2013, documented robberies have declined from 111 to just 70, according to VSU police clergy report.

“We have officers doing more foot control and safety for housing,” Farmer said. “We have a safer campus than others.”

Farmer says there have been improvements with the addition of more foot control, filling in open positions and working with other departments on campus to address the feelings of students to ensure crime stats decline.

“If you compare other universities in cities, we have a safe campus,” Farmer said. “I think school is safe.”

Michaela Leung, sophomore mass media major, believes crime is not decreasing, but will eventually stabilize.

“There are a lot of robbers, crime decreases, happens again, and it becomes normal,” Leung said.

Leung says more police presence where robberies take place is the way to make VSU safer, but she knows not everything is perfect.

“We should focus on what needs to be fixed,” said Leung.

Matt Schafer, senior biology major feels that perception is increasing of more crime on campus due to more vigilance is the belief of. Schafer thinks we are heading in the right direction with the increase in safety measures such as boosting security, but we should not over react.

Andrew Scott, sophomore business management major, believes the security is working even though the results are not clearly shown.

“The apartments that I stay at were robbed and I live right next to campus,” Scott said. “It was that or someone had their house broken in.”

Burglaries have decreased from 855 to 709 in those same three years.

Scott hasn’t heard much about the new tactics being enforced, but he still is concerned about the safety on campus.

“Doesn’t affect day to day life, but is disappointing, “said Scott.

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