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Finals Week: Top 5 Campus Study Locations

Written by: Erin Martin, Staff Writer 
With finals approaching, students need somewhere to study and concentrate on final assignments and papers. When you need different scenery or some peace and quiet, VSU has plenty of different places to study outside of the usual places we go.

The University Center

The UC is located on Patterson Street, walking distance from the Fine Arts building with a parking lot right outside of the building. The Magnolia Room, along with other rooms in the building, is a great place to have study sessions with large groups or alone when the study rooms in Odum get filled. Baja Flats, Chick-fil-A and Einstein’s are also in the UC when students get hungry during study breaks.

Communications Building

Right across from the University Center, the Communications Building has two computer labs. Keep in mind that a lot of the buildings where you have classes also have computer labs that are open to students; there are 23 on campus. These buildings are a great way to escape huge library crowds and occupied computers!

Student Success Center

The Student Success Center, located in the back of Langdale Hall, is a great place for students to go study, get assistance or brush up on old material. While studying for finals, there is easy access to the tutors and peers studying similar work. Tutors are even available for group sessions, and they have different times to work around your schedule. The SSC is open during finals week for all subjects, so students are suggested to make appointments early.

The Internet Café

At the bottom floor of the library, our Internet Café has computer labs, desks and our coffee shop, Blazing Brew, which has coffee, smoothies and snacks prefect for your all-nighters!

VSU Front Lawn

If you have time during the day, Valdosta has one of the best front lawns to enjoy open space, scenery and the sun. Alone or with a friend, you can take your books and a blanket to get lost in your work with no distractio

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