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John Preer/THE SPECTATOR Eric Sheppard at the April 20 rally.

BREAKING: Eric Sheppard arrested.

Written by Kenzie Kesselring, Opinions Editor 

Eric Sheppard was arrested Thursday morning in Tampa, Florida. After being arrested, Sheppard was taken to the Hillsborough County Jail. He will remain there until he can be brought back to Lowndes County.

Authorities have been searching for Eric Sheppard since April 22, after he allegedly brought a handgun onto Valdosta State’s campus.

Throughout the search, Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office received assistance in looking for Sheppard from the United States Marshalls and the Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force, according to the Valdosta Daily Times.

Sheppard first gained public recognition after he organized a protest where he and a few others walked on the American flag and other symbolic objects to protest race issues in America.

More controversy surrounding Sheppard emerged this past weekend when he issued a video statement and a memorandum to the Valdosta Daily Times, making threats to Lowndes High School’s graduation attendants and other Lowndes County figureheads. Saturday would have been the graduation day of Kendrick Johnson, a Lowndes High student who passed away in January 2013. Sheppard referenced Johnson’s death in his video statement and memorandum.

Sheppard will be brought back to Lowndes County regarding the warrant issued for his arrest sometime in the near future.

More information about the arrest of Sheppard can be found by calling the Lowndes County Sherriff’s Office (229)-671-2950 or at www.lowndessherrif.com

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  1. I live in West Virginia, but I heard about Eric Sheppard’s tough-guy posturing via campusreform.org. I’d like to point out something. Actually, several things.

    First, VSU’s campus is supposedly a gun-free zone. The law says that citizens, other than those with the responsibility of enforcing the laws or of protecting the public safety, may not possess guns there. But, despite that law, a law-breaker named Eric Sheppard did carry a gun on to the campus.

    What does that tell anybody with a brain? Gun laws don’t work. They only persuade people who habitually obey laws to obey gun control laws as part of their overall package of civil obedience. But criminals will no more obey gun control laws than they will obey whatever other kinds of laws they intend to break.

    When Eric Sheppard brought his gun on to the VSU campus, he didn’t have it in mind to engage in combat other persons who were as well-armed as he was himself. No, what he might have been planning was shooting unarmed white people. People who were easy prey. People who didn’t have the means to fight back because they were studiously obeying the gun control laws.

    Someone like Eric Sheppard who, by surprise, finds his opponents armed with the same kind of rifle that he has, opponents who are ready and waiting for him to appear and offer battle, will foul his britches in panic and beat a hasty retreat into the bush. He isn’t really a soldier. He is an unseasoned terrorist who doesn’t have the courage to face his own probable death in a war where his side isn’t the only side fighting.

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