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Spanish, French now available as online degree

Written by Zenobia Harris, Copy Editor

VSU students can now earn their Bachelor of Arts degree in French or Spanish online through the University System of Georgia’s eMajor program.

The program is supposed to fall in line with Georgia’s “Go Back. Move Ahead” initiative that targets adults with a desire to go back to school and encourages them to enroll in college—whether online or on campus—to complete their degree.

“This program links the familiar open access to VSU professors to online availability of language study,” said Dr. Ana Victoria Soady, department head for Modern and Classical Languages. “For traditional students it truly does give you 24-hour access to study when it is best for you.  For military personnel and those who cannot come to a campus for any reason, it means that you can complete a language requirement, or add foreign languages to your major with great convenience.”

Besides the Bachelor of Arts degrees, there are several French and Spanish eMajor programs offered to students including minors in Spanish or French, Spanish for Professionals Certificate among others.

Dr. Soady says that the hiring edge and signing bonuses are two reasons why professionals from any major—Health, Business, Psychology, etc.—could benefit from knowing a foreign language, and it’s beneficial to job candidates who “can read the new multilingual and multicultural world and be a part of it.”

A study by the Department of Labor shows that about 25,000 jobs have been opening up for interpreters and translators starting in 2010 and continuing through 2020. According to CNN, there are also opportunities for people who speak more than one language to earn high salaries with different intelligence communities such as the military and CIA in the Middle East and Africa.

With constant advances being made in social media and interactive programming, students now have the tools to complete almost any course from the comfort of their home with the familiarity of an actual classroom which makes it possible for students to earn online degrees in subjects such as foreign language.

Dr. Soady says that students can expect to use a variety of interactive speaking software while completing an eMajor program in Spanish or French including one-on-one live discussion, Talk Abroad with native speakers, Skype, and collaborate sessions with other students and professors.

In addition to Spanish and French, VSU offers several eMajor programs including Legal Assistant Studies, Office Administration and Technology, and Organizational Leadership.



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