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Ultilize your college freebies; and save your money for what’s really important

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Written by Olivia Studdard, Staff Writer

There’s a magnificent song by Sugarland that says, “We come here with nothing, and take it with us the day we leave.” Maybe they meant for that to apply to life, but I’d say it applies to college students and the VSU community.

Between the costly textbooks and the preposterous student loans, it is hard to catch a break.

Fear not fellow college students; help is on the way. Businesses, companies, and restaurants have begun to step up to help us out.

Amazon has a Prime membership offered exclusively for college students that slices the cost of regular membership in half. This means that the annual price of membership is $49 instead of $99. With your membership, you receive free two-day shipping, emails about discounted textbooks, access to free music, among other benefits that Amazon offers. All you have to do is enter your college email address when registering, and after verification, you’re Prime.

Enjoy music on the go? Spotify offers half off of their premium membership, making the cost just $4.99 per month to students. Similar to Amazon, all that is required to register is your school email address. Perks include being able to download music on your phone or device, playing music without a data connection, and being able to play songs in whatever order you like, as many times as you would like.

They didn’t just invent the chicken sandwich; they might have invented the quickest way for college students to save a buck and get two meals at once. Chick-fil-As in Valdosta offer BOGO, Buy -One-Get-One-Free Day, on Mondays with a valid college ID. For the price of one meal, you can either buy a meal for you and a friend, or you can buy yourself a meal for now and another meal for later.

There are also many Redbox codes floating around online that would come in handy if you were ever planning a date night for you and a special someone.

So grab your extra Chickfila combo meal, a free Redbox movie, and settle in for the night. Use your half-price Spotify membership to look up the Sugarland song mentioned above.  Don’t give those student loans another thought. At least not until tomorrow…

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