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Lamar Odom wakes up, ABC Family changes name and Bieber and One Direction vie for the top spot

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

Written by Kayla Stroud, Web Editor

Lamar Odom Wakes From His Coma
According to E!, former NBA champion, Lamar Odom, has awaken from his coma. After earlier reports of possible organ failure, it appears as if Odom is on the mend. He and Khloe are said to have called off their divorce. Considering the timing of this, this may not be too great of an idea. But here’s to them being able to make it work, though.

ABC Family changes name
ABC Family, the channel that brought us Pretty Little Liars, Secret Life of a Teenager and other classic television shows, has decided that a change was needed. The channel believes that in order to gain more traction with the younger audience that a name change was necessary. Ok, sounds cool. Whatever. However, it wasn’t until it was announced this week that the name the head honchos at ABC came up with Freeform. Yes, you read that correctly…Freeform.

It sounds like one of those off-brand channels that plays infomercials 15 hours out of the day and can only get with a certain package on Dish Network. Like if you wanted to get in touch with the #youths, Freeform would be the last lame I’d think of.

If they really wanted to be in with the ‘young folk’ they could have at least gotten creative and gone with Fr33F0rm or something equally as ridiculous.

Bieber/1D vie for that top spot
Bieber being the egomaniac that he is, is moaning about One Direction releasing their album the same day as he is. The former teen pop star is claiming that the band purposely planned to release their album the same day. However, unbeknownst to him, since the band’s fruition, they have always released an album the first week of November. So this isn’t out of nowhere.

Papa Bieber’s Response to the Bieberconda
Justin Bieber’s feud with 1D isn’t the only thing popping up on Twitter feeds recently. Nudes were recently released of the #Bieberconda and I have to say…not bad. Whether this was some marketing ploy or not, it definitely shoved him back into the forefront of the tabloids.

Most would imagine a parent to be uncomfortable talking about they’re kid’s privacy being invaded but not …Bieber. No, Papa Bieber couldn’t care less, and all but gave a round of applause for his son’s *cough*girth*cough*.  That’s one proud papa. Ew.

Liam Payne Has a Meltdown
According to The Sun, One Direction member Liam Payne had a backstage meltdown. The meltdown would later lead the singer to be hospitalized and the band to cancel the concert. It was the first concert the 1D has had to cancel over the 5 years that they’ve been a band.

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