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Valdosta set to brew up a new business in April

Photo Illustration by Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

Written by Mayah Cantave, Asst. Opinions Editor

New jobs and new beer is heading towards Valdosta in the next couple of months.

Three friends, who met while attending VSU and all have brewing experience, have partnered together to create craft beer right in the heart of Valdosta. The owners, J. Ryce Martin, Drew Young and Christopher Jones aim to have The Georgia Beer Company as Valdosta’s first and only craft beer company.

The partners are working with the City of Valdosta, the Valdosta-Lowndes Industrial Authority, and the Downtown Development Authority to renovate an 89-year-old building to make it their building of production.

Currently, the location of the brewery is top secret, but they plan to open April 2016.

The Georgia Beer Company aims to package beers, an IPA, a pale ale, and either an amber or porter in cans.

“We will package three beers in cans, which are much better for the beer quality and a new paradigm shift for craft breweries,” said, Christopher Jones, Director of Business Development.

During the seasons, the company plans on distributing kegs of beers to restaurants and bars. The type of beer being distributed includes summer ales, porters, stouts and holiday beers.

The average six pack will cost between $9 and $10. The price may seem high but the company’s product will have higher alcohol by volume and use only the freshest ingredients with no additives or artificial ingredients.

“We plan to use several locally grown ingredients including blueberries, peaches, pecans, honey, cane syrup, etc,” said Jones.

The company plans to open a tasting room in which customers can sample beer and try experimental batches which have the possibility to become staples in their company based on the feedback from patrons.

The goal is to let local beer drinkers have influence on the various type of beers they can purchase at local bars and restaurants.

New jobs will become available with the opening of the Georgia Beer Company. Various positions will be open including production assistant, tasting room staff and other positions will be up for grabs.

“We hope to partner with VSU to create innovative intern opportunities and independent study for a variety of majors and fields of study,” said Jones.

The Georgia Beer Company plans to reach hard core beer drinkers buy using social media and attending the various beer festivals to get their product out there.

“We want to give South Georgia beer drinkers something that no other Georgia brewery can: accessibility. Everyone should have access to a local beer!”said Jones.

The owners have launched a kickstarter campaign to help raise money for their company. The proceeds will go to building a tasting room that will include chairs, tables, televisions, bar tops, a stage, and many other amenities to entertain guests as they try out the company’s beer.

To give a donation to help build the Georgia Beer Company, visit the company’s homepage at www.georgiabeercompany.com.

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