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Book Review: ‘Agents of the Internet Apocalypse’; irks and bores in the beginning before delighting reader

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Written by Julia Rodriquez, Staff Writer

Agents of the Internet Apocalypse by Wayne Gladstone is about a man who has lost everything and is trying to get it back. Everything to Wayne Gladstone (the main character) is the Internet and his wife. It is a relatively quick read and its reading level is average.

The novel starts off in a hospital room where Wayne has landed himself by way of “jumping into the Hudson River to try and find the Internet.” Essentially, the poor man has gone practically mad, but his doctor declares him healed and sets him loose into the world.

Before ending up in the hospital, Gladstone had been declared the “internet messiah,” and upon his return to the world, he takes up his role as such once again.

He flies from New York to California where the story is supposed to really start up. While in the hospital, Gladstone kept a journal that was half true, half fiction, and he takes this with him to California. This journal is the thing that truly kick-starts his role as the savior who will bring the internet back.

Once in California, the story will have gained some momentum and that something interesting might actually happen. However, rather than being action packed, the book is full of random events that have little to do with the story line or have a lot to do with the progression of the book, but take so long to get to the point that you will forget what is even going on. Once some bit of action is finally achieved, it comes and goes so quickly that it is practically casual. In addition, the entire mission of Gladstone is seemingly pointless and the story is told with an array of unnecessary language accompanied by some childish jokes.

Should you decide to read this book, and whether it is the background love story, Gladstone’s sarcastic companion or the curiosity of the ending that gets you to the back cover, you are practically guaranteed to pick up the next one, as this one is only the first of the series. Within the last few chapters, there are finally some answers and some action to keep you awake and a cliffhanger that will make you grind your teeth. The end of Agents of the Internet Apocalypse makes the whole thing worth reading.

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