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Homecoming hang up: Late time frame affects Wild Adventures night

Photo Courtesy: John Preer/THE SPECTATOR

Written by Aldean Starr, Staff Writer

Homecoming is here.

The time of the year where alumni come back to show support for their alma mater, the campus is full of spirit, and the football team is gearing up to perform in front of one of the largest crowds of the sport’s season. However, this year, Homecoming may have a slightly different feel to it. In past years, Homecoming usually falls in October and this year, the events fell into mid-November.

“I like it because I can end my semester on a good note instead of worrying about midterms and a bulk of assignments,” Danyell Peaks, a junior, said.

This year’s homecoming week began on Monday, Nov. 9, and will run through Saturday.

“[Homecoming is late] because of a desire of several different groups coming together trying to establish the best date on the season for Homecoming and trying to make it consistent yearly,” Herb Reinhard. Athletic Director, said.

Alumni Association and former Valdosta State President William J. McKinney were the key figures involved in the decision for the Homecoming date. Homecoming is not guaranteed to take place at this time every year.

“We are basically testing it out right now,” said Reinhard.

The event that had a drastic change to was the Wild Adventures night for VSU students. The VSU night at Wild Adventures happened on Friday, Nov. 6.

This year there was no Halloween-themed activities at the theme park because of the late push.

“It was horrible, that was the only thing we did not like,” Peaks said.

Despite this year’s Homecoming week having a slight effect on Wild Adventures Night, many other common homecoming activities are still set to take place like the pep rally, football game, and the crowning of Homecoming king and queen.

The Homecoming week events will conclude this Saturday with the football game against the Flordia Tech Panthers. The Homecoming Court will crowned during halftime. The game begins at 3 p.m

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