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Twitter extending tweets to 10,000 characters?

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Written by Carlius Williams, Staff Writer

Earlier this month, Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey released some news that almost broke the Twitternet— Twitter would make tweet limits 10,000 characters.

Way too much for current Twitter users such as myself, there are certain apps that already allows users to tweet more than 140 characters such as Twitlonger and Medium, but only a few people use those services. To offer it to every Twitter user seems a little farfetched but a disclaimer was issued stating that tweets would appear pretty much the same way they do now.

Before we talk about expanding the character limits on tweets, many users are pushing for the ability to edit tweets. There is also a major concern from users who feel that Twitter does not do enough to stop harassment and offensive, stalking, or bullying behavior. The fact of the matter is that most users do not see Twitter as a business, and I am sure that most of the users who complain about the small details that Twitter has not covered have their ads turned off. Twitter has a considerably large following, with platforms such as Snapchat and Facebook releasing new content within their platforms to satisfy users instead of sending them away.

Maybe the new 10,000 character limit is exactly what Twitter needs.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that the 140-character limit that Twitter is known for has “become a beautiful constraint.”  The 140-character limit has been a signature part of the website since the beginning. Dorsey has high hopes that the new changes will attract more users. Needless to say the company is aware of certain apps that allow tweeters to break away from the 140-character rule like the previously mentioned apps. He points towards a possibility in the near future for the site to support full-bodied text tweets that are searchable and can be highlighted by users without the 140-character restriction.

Is this a new feature that Twitter users want? The new feature may hit sometime in March of this year according to Forbes. Whether you love the new change or hate it, the 10,000 character limit will definitely change the way stories are told and memories are captured on Twitter.


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