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Keep cable, or jump in the stream?

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Television is more dependable

Written by Meaghan Bitters, Staff Writer

With all of today’s streaming, people may wonder if they should cancel their cable subscriptions. While streaming sources like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are great, there are a few concrete reasons to keep your cable.

Cable television allows you to watch certain channels such as ESPN, MLB, NFL, E!, and news networks. If you can’t live without these channels, I suggest that you keep cable. Cable is also easier to fix during something like a huge storm. Cable customer service has been bashed in the past for being difficult; however, if you experience connection problems, there’s only one number you need to call. If you experience connection problems while streaming you’ll either need to call your internet provider, streaming source, or device support. Personally, I hate calling any customer service line so that is reason enough for me to keep cable.

Another pro is that cable chooses the shows for you, all you have to do is choose a network and you can watch a variety of shows all day and night. Watching cable, you’re more likely to stumble upon new shows and like them. You don’t have to choose a show to watch each time your current series, episode or movie is over, because cable continuously plays things. Another perk to having cable is that you can watch shows the same time they air. This is a huge bonus, because you can stay up-to-date on all your favorite shows and you don’t have to wait for them to be released to streaming sources.

Thanks to my cable company, I can watch football, basketball and baseball games the same time they’re happening. I can also watch things like the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and celebrity award shows like the Golden Globes, Grammy’s, AMA’s, and VMA’s without missing a thing. With cable you don’t need Wi-Fi, so you can watch TV and go on Facebook, Snapchat or other social media cites without slowing down the pace of your show or decreasing the quality of the picture.

You also don’t have to wait for things to load. Sometimes, movies and TV shows can take forever to load and by the time they’re finally done, you have no more time to watch them. Waiting for things to load is one of the most annoying things to me. Finally, cable companies will do a lot to get and keep your business. Because of the decrease in cable subscribers, cable companies offer better deals than ever before such as giving subscribers NFL tickets and discounted prices.

If you’re still not convinced to keep your cable, I suggest you do some research for yourself. Call your cable provider or go online and check out the packages they offer.

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