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Pop Addict–Grammy Edition

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

Written by Kayla Stroud, Web Editor

A pop culture fanatic’s shortlist of this week’s happenings.

Secondhand embarrassment for Bow Wow
New year; same results.

For the second year in a row, the Grammys churned out yet another snoozer of an award show. The show was low on the awards and high on the tribute performances Monday evening.

According to Deadline, the show brought in it’s worst turn out since 2009, drawing only 24.9 million.

Rapper actor human being Bow Wow Shad Moss somehow managed to snag the job as CBS’s pre-Grammy host. While he did an decent job at not pulling a Steve Harvey during his hosting duties, Moss still found a way to embarrass himself in the final minutes of the broadcast.

While a countdown clock ran onscreen, Moss was set to announce the start of the Grammys main show. While the clock ticked down the rapper made three errors announcing, “The show is about to start…right…NOW!” even going as far as checking his expensive watch. However unbeknownst to him, his timing was off, leaving the rapper standing around looking like an idiot to his colleagues who were already sat in their seats.

Taylor Swift takes home the big win and puts Kanye West in his place
Lately, Kaye West has mastered the art making a fool of himself on social media. The rapper has gone on dozens of rants this past month and in the eyes of the media (and the public) it was all taken in joking manner. That is, until he came for Hollywood golden child, Taylor Swift.

It wasn’t until his latest sexist barbs against Swift that everyone REALLY started to pay attention. During an event that he held at Madison Square Garden to promote his latest fashion collection, he also played tracks off his upcoming tracks album The Life of Pablo. In it, he attacked everyone under the sun.

After West’s misogynistic attack; Swift came back at him during her speech for her Album of the Year win.

Swift didn’t take to kindly to the rapper’s claims that he “made her famous.”

Kanye has been nothing more than an overgrown child. And judging by West past comments on Kylie and her relationship with rapper Tyga? It’s good that Kim is getting it in early.

Rihanna cancels performance
The 27 year old pop starlet ANTI era has been a series of unfortunate events. After much hype, the starlet cancelled her Grammy performance just hours before she was set to take the stage.

According to TMZ, she cancelled after contracting a bought of bronchitis. There’s also conflicting reports going around that she cancelled after having a breakdown backstage when she heard herself back during her rehearsal. No confirmation of the validity of this.

While her first single has shown much success on the charts, her performing at the Grammys could have helped put the track into an even better position leading up to her upcoming tour. But alas…

Hope she gets everything together, goodness knows this era has been a mess.

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