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Style mix-up: The importance of changing your wardrobe

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/SPECTATOR


Written by Julie Jernigan, Staff Writer

At some point in our lives, we feel like our life is stuck in a rut. We do the same things every day: get up, go to class, go home, go to work, sleep and then the next day we do it all over again. We need to spice up our lives every once in awhile to avoid feeling so boring, and what better way than to change up your look!

Whenever I change up my look I honestly feel fantastic, because I’m a girl who is most comfortable in leggings and big t-shirts. I feel like I’m re-inventing myself, and I can be anyone I want to. I can be a hipster, cool girl and a girly girl on different days of the week. Changing things up every once in awhile makes you more versatile to your surroundings. It helps you adapt.

Changing your wardrobe helps keep things more exciting, and it’s a major self-esteem booster. We look the most beautiful when we feel our best. Don’t worry about if you can pull anything off, because you can. Block out all the haters, who are just jealous anyway, and who wished they looked as good as you. We are not put on this earth to seek approval from others. The only person that matters is you. Besides, having a little air of mystery around you is always good. It keeps people guessing.

This doesn’t mean you have to change yourself. By all means, keep your wardrobe, if that makes you happy. You should feel comfortable in whatever you wear. If the root of the problem is that you’re not happy with yourself, then work on loving you, and try this tip after to create a fun and exciting life.

What you wear should be a refection of you. Try to incorporate things into your wardrobe that best show who you are. Happy shopping!

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