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Low on funds for Spring Break? Ways to make some quick cash

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/SPECTATOR

Written by Julia Rodriquez, Asst. Opinions Editor

Money is tight, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on spring break plans. There are plenty of ways for students to get extra cash without the commitment of a job.

Sell your stuff. Anyone can admit to having clothes they no longer wear or junk stuffed under the bed that still works but doesn’t get used. Clear the clutter and have a garage sale. An even more convenient way to sell is online. Vinted is a great app for selling old clothes and shoes. Just post a picture, write a short description, and wait for a notification that someone is interested. Don’t have clothes you can part with? Check the junk drawers for old phones and head to websites like gazzel.com, ecoATM.com or sell-your-cell.com.

Other interesting choices for selling would be scraping metal, selling old games or CD’s on musicMagpie.co.uk or selling your pictures. If you take artful photos in your free time, you can sell them at fotolia.com or istockphotos.com.

Unwilling to part with any of your belongings? There are jobs that do not require commitment such as dog walking or babysitting. Care.com is a great place to start and make a profile where parents or dog owners can find you.

Other options that do not involve selling your stuff or doing a lot of work are taking online surveys for money, giving blood or signing up for medical testing.

Remember not to get yourself into an uncomfortable situation or in danger just for a few bucks. Having money for spring break is great, but your safety matters more than having some extra cash in your pocket.

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