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How to make smart decisions on vacation: Five tips to staying safe during Spring Break

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Written by Julie Jernigan, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year again, ladies and gentlemen…SPRING BREAK! Let’s forget about our grades, and relieve stress by just having fun, but before we break out the swimsuits, shades, and chairs, let’s take a step back to remember some important safety rules, so we don’t regret anything in the morning.

  1. The Buddy System

I know we’ve heard this entire life, but it actually works. Never leave a party with a stranger unless a friend goes with. If anyone decides to leave a party without a friend, make sure they have given their information to someone, so they can be checked up on.

  1. Keep Belongings Safe

Do not book a room on the first floor of a hotel, because thieves are more likely to rob those due to easier access. If anyone has to, keep expensive belongings in the hotel safe, or keep them near your person.

  1. Alcohol Competency

Never accept a drink from a stranger. Always make a drink that you made yourself, or make sure the drink isn’t opened when you take it. Make sure there is a person in the group who will be the designated driver for the night to look after everyone. Remember to eat something before drinking, and STAY HYDRATED.

  1. Protection

We’re all adults here, so let’s be smart about sex. Use protection, and always use a condom, because birth control does not prevent STD’s. Never let anyone pressure you into having sex. Consent should be respected. It doesn’t matter if everyone has their clothes on or all of them are off, if he or she says no, then it stops. Yes means yes, and no means no. If alcohol is involved, taking advantage is not an option. Let’s be consenting adults, shall we?

  1. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen

Apply it every hour on the hour…SPF is your best friend this week. Getting sunburnt on the first day is no fun, and if you can’t move, you can’t party. If we don’t protect our skin now, think of what it’ll look like later—wrinkly and spotty. Also, skin cancer? No one wants that.

Let’s all make smart decisions this week, but live it like it’s your last! Spring Break here we come!

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