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Who to party with and who to avoid: Five types of people you meet on Spring Break

Written by Miles Brown, Staff Writer

The Party Girl

This is the girl you usually meet for the first time on the beach; she is seen going up to random people striking up a conversation. She usually laughs at all of your jokes even when they aren’t funny and is engaged in any conversation you have. The Party Girl usually knows all the fun places to hangout and has all the details of the party. She is also very outgoing, travels with a pair of two other friends, and most likely emotionally unstable.  The party girl will try anything at least once and is more than likely single. She is always found taking shots or chugging beer. The Party girl likes to be barefoot and wear colored hats during the day. She is the girl you want to hang with during a spring break vacation because she knows how to have a good time.

The Awkward Guy

This dude is always the out of place friend in a group of spring breakers and is usually found in his hotel watching television. He has little to no social life and usually taken advantaged of because he is super nice. Due to the awkward guy being a push over, he is usually found surrounded by arrogant guys who boss him around. He doesn’t drink or smoke and most likely has no game with the girls. The awkward guy usually never goes out to party during the school semester.

The Drunk

The Drunk is a guy or gal who literally is nowhere to be found most times over the course of spring break. They usually don’t come around the main group of spring breakers unless it’s time to turn up. Most likely you can find them head down drunk on the counter of a bar, sleeping on a public toilet or passed out on the couch. Usually they are the person who you hate to go out with because they are always getting in an altercation or getting arrested. When approached by this person, head the other way. This person almost never remembers their drunken episodes and will most likely end up getting a DUI at the end of the trip.

Drama Magnet

He or she is always the problem starter of any spring break group. When meeting them, they seem like they are normal, but throughout the trip they start to unravel themselves. They are the ones who recently broke up with their significant other and are still carrying the baggage of their previous relationship. Usually these are the individuals who didn’t reserve the restaurant or bring enough money on the trip. When seen in public they are walking around frantically talking on the phone trying to solve an issue.

The Lady’s Man

This is the guy who is always seen with the ladies who are talking to him and following him around. They usually have an athletic body and sports tattoos, as well as wearing sunglasses and Mardi Gras beads. He never gets too wild or drunk when he is at parties. At the end of the night he brings a new girl back to the hotel. He has the smoothest game talk and has a minimum of 2000 Instagram followers. The lady’s man is usually a baseball, football or basketball player who aspires to be a professional athlete or coach. He is very friendly and most people want to be around them during spring break.



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