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College uses Pokémon Go to boost enrollment: Unconventional classes a useful tool to attract student interest

Written by Kimberly Cannon, Staff Writer

While pursuing the Facebook profile of Fresno City College, screenshots from the game Pokémon Go are scattered throughout their feed. Perhaps this is because of the game’s popularity, or maybe it is because Fresno City College offers course credit to its students for playing Pokémon Go.

The college posted a picture of a flyer on August 8, 2016 that advertised for Physical Education Class 6: Pokémon Go.

That image has received a lot of attention since, but Fresno City College is not the only college to offer an unusual class.

If walking isn’t a lively enough activity or if video games are not of interest, Florida State University offers an interesting physical education class of its own.

Florida State University takes the goal of reaching new heights during your college career literally with their circus class. Students are provided the opportunity to learn aerial acrobatics and basic rigging.

Heights in college physical education courses appear to be a common theme as Cornell University offers a tree climbing course. However, there are a variety of out-of-the-norm college courses that don’t require physical activity. Cornell University offers a course called Horton Foote to Honey Boo Boo: South in the US Imaginary, so you can examine what the south is all about.

Abnormal classes are not in place just to provide students with that extra elective they may need. Unusual classes can also be taken advantage of to earn core credit or credit for another required course that may be a little lackluster if the class is formatted the typical way.

For example, Assistant Professor Ricardo Castro at the University of California allows the students in his engineering course to use science to examine the plausibility of some the most famous comic-book heroes’ powers in his Materials Marvels: The Science of Superheroes course.

All of the classes mentioned above are not offered at Valdosta State University, but VSU offers some interesting classes of its own.

VSU offers an 18+ rated Psychology of Sex course, a class focused on conspiracies in American politics and a course on the classic films of the 1970s, just to name a few, so look within the campus for interesting and unusual classes.

Courses with topics or teaching methods that are oddly intriguing may open students’ eyes to what they are really passionate about and what they might want to have a career in. If someone takes the course on classic 1970s film, a love for history might be uncovered. By creating a science class that incorporates elements that are popular in modern culture, students may discover an interest for science.

The Pokémon Go course and other unconventional physical education classes influence students to be physically active and could help improve the health of the current generation by integrating an activity that appeals to their interests or their sense of adventure.


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