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VSU’s Halloween policy


Written by Bryce Ethridge, Staff Writer

Halloween is on Monday and some students may even want to wear their costumes around campus, but does VSU allow that?

“There is no policy,” said Dr. Vincent Miller, Vice President of Student Affairs.

With this revelation, students probably feel like they can pretty much wear anything they want, but Dr. Miller had something to say about that.

“Be smart with what you wear,” he said.

The vice president said he wanted to emphasize that when he said “be smart,” he just wanted to strongly suggest that students not wear anything on their face. He also wanted to say that if a student decides to wear a costume to class they should not display any disruptive or distractive behavior or by the terms stated in the student handbook. If the terms are violated a teacher can dismiss a student from class. Another thing that Dr. Miller suggested is that students should not dress up as clowns, considering all that’s happening with clowns around the country.

You can dress up as whatever you want as long as it follows student dress policy but try to follow the suggestions.

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