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Election 2016: Stand in the Hillary party’s shoes

Voter watches in suspense at the results of the election are slowly released. (Photo Credit: MCT Campus)

Written by Julia Rodriquez, Opinions Editor

Trump won the presidential election and American reactions range from ecstatic to completely distraught.

It is clear from many verbal and physical fights that many Americans are divided on politics—but those fights never change anyone’s mind.  Fights only do damage and enrage the opponent even more.

Keep it friendly and aim to enlighten, not to enrage.  If you know it won’t end well, don’t start it.  It is more than possible to comment on a post you disagree with without using an insult.

What’s done is done. Though Americans don’t agree on if it’s good or bad, we prove through our friendships that no matter who is president our community thrives and intermingles without thought to who belongs to what political party.

It is not the president who makes a society, ensures that friendships exist or brings a community together.

It is you, your family, friends, acquaintances and fellow American citizens who make a society, ensure friendships and bring a community together.  If you don’t think so, remember how you felt about your neighbors before you found out they aren’t a part of the same political party as you.  In other words, don’t let the political hostilities cloud your view of everyone in your life.

Do not forget that this country is free and everyone has the right to express themselves freely; therefore it is wrong to yell at people for expressing themselves.

Let the Trump supporters be excited that their candidate won.  Let the Hillary supporters be upset that their candidate lost.  Don’t get mad at your neighbor for feeling.

Though it may sometimes be hard to understand how someone could possibly vote for the other candidate, keep in mind that they think the same way about you and your candidate.  Disagreeing with someone else’s point of view does not constitute spewing hate.

Everyone who voted is at least 18; they are all legally adults. Act like it.

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