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Twitter snips Vine: Video apps compete for viewers

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Written by Cynthia Papailler, Staff Writer

With Twitter taking over Vine in 2012, short six-second clips started swarming all forms of social media. The majority of them focus on making us laugh or showing off talents. Many “Vine stars” and comedians got their start on the video platform. It wasn’t long until Vine was everywhere.

Vine made it easy to broadcast a video. With a world filled with people with diminishing attention spans, the six-second concept was short, sweet and straight to the point.

Its restricted time limit allowed users to get creative with how to successfully use each second, thus giving birth to a new generation of celebrities.

So, what killed Vine? It wasn’t too long till other social media platforms caught onto the broadcast video option. Instagram videos allow up to 60 seconds of footage and give users more time to fit more content.

Facebook live soon followed allowing Facebook users to broadcast live and in real-time to all of a person’s friends and followers. Periscope was also invented as a broadcasting app.

With so many options to broadcast videos, it was not long before Vine was left in the dust. These successors aimed to fill the gaps their predecessor left open.

Even Snapchat, a video app with a 10-second time limit, found a way to compete with Instagram and Facebook. Vine struggled to differentiate itself from the competition.

Now upon hearing of the death of Vine, many are posting some of their favorite vine clips in homage. Maybe if people continue to remember the start of all these broadcast video apps, the love and usage of Vine will flourish once again.

Although Twitter announced its plan to shut down Vine on Oct. 27, there is talk about saving the app. There are a few companies interested in buying the video platform. Even if Vine is shut down, Twitter announced the video archives will still be available and playable.

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  1. Well, I didn’t see Vine’s website shut down on October 27th. Maybe we can still make more Vines. 🙂

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