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‘We Need to Talk’ gives students expressive outlet

Written by Kevin Paul, Staff Writer

The world seems to be accelerating at record speed, with history, politics and culture shifting daily.

With these rapid changes, an expressive outlet is now needed to balance and bring together differing beliefs and emotions, and that outlet has come in the form of “We Need To Talk.”

“We Need to Talk” is a VSU student organization that aspires to be a channel that students can use to express their opinions about any topic. These subjects can range from President Trump’s first week in office, to the VSU Basketball Team’s 16-3 record, or even the severe storms that recently passed through South Georgia.

Dominquie Wilters is the Organizational Director of “We Need to Talk” and plans to have the organization’s first convention Thursday.

“This group is more than an organization, but a movement that promotes consciousness and culture to bring about a meeting of minds,” Wilters said.

Wilters first brought the organization from South Carolina in September 2016, after receiving positive feedback from students and faculty at his previous high school and earning multiple accolades for event of the year and organization of the year.

However, when Wilters first brought the idea of expanding “We Need to Talk” to his director and board, they thought that the difficulty of transferring the organization’s customs from South Carolina to VSU would serve to be problematic, yet the contrary happened.

Schools such as VSU and the University of Phoenix will be the first national expansion for We Need To Talk, with both schools taking interest in the accessibility of speech it gives students.

Marcus Colon, Associate Director of “We Need to Talk” was one of the first members that Wilters brought onto the team.

Colon agreed that student opinions should be able to be shared in a non-hostile, encouraging environment. “It is a movement that’s able to stir people of all walks of life, giving students an avenue to express themselves as equals,” Colon said.

We Need To Talk is a movement that will bring together students for discussion weekly starting this Thursday at 7:15 p.m. in Ballroom C of the Student Union.

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