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Editorial: Stay safe on spring break

Spring Break, you’re out on the shore with your friends and a couple of brews, having fun.

Students across the country will be visiting beaches with their friends to celebrate the week. Common spring break activities include a lot of drinking and partying, which is normal for most college students. Chances are you will have a great time, but things can go from good to bad in a matter of minutes.

There have been a lot of controversial incidents at beaches. Beaches have banned alcohol, and hotels have raised the age requirement for booking hotels—all to avoid “Spring Breakers.”

In 2015, a college student was drugged and gang raped on Panama City Beach, while she was unconscious. Making the case even more tragic, bystanders watched, but no one intervened. The video of the rape circulated and made its way to the news, where the woman in the video was able to identify herself by her tattoos.

Sometimes all it takes is one person to step in. A lot of crimes could potentially be stopped if someone mediates or calls for help. It’s easy to pass the responsibility on to others, but with that mentality, crimes like this will continue to take place while others watch.

Take it upon yourself this Spring Break, and beyond, to say something if you see a crime taking place. You could be the reason for saving someone’s life or preventing a horrific incident.

Spring Break is a time for fun, but be responsible and look out for those around you.

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