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Indestructible Nokia makes a comeback, snake included

Written by Alex Dunn, Asst. Features Editor

Nokia released a new version of its seemingly indestructible phone, the 3310, which is based off a model that hasn’t seen the light of day in nearly two decades.

The company has taken the back seat over the years, occasionally releasing newer models to compete in the rising demand for smartphones.

Now, the original, iconic model has been updated to have features similar to the smartphone, while still sporting the essence of the older version.

“A modern classic reimagined,” the company’s website said.

The phone has a 2.4 inch polarized and curved screen, battery standby for up to a month and four color options.

Nokia also updated the legendary game Snake. The game is now in color, with other updates, making the game more fun for new and old players alike.

The Nokia 3310 was featured at Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, Spain, where a nostalgic crowd surrounded the new gadget. However, some people wondered why this phone model that hadn’t been around for almost two decades suddenly resurfaced.

Samuel Gibbs of The Guardian speculated that the company is launching this retro phone because it has either run out of ideas, released it as a marketing ploy, or wants to state that modern day individuals are too connected to their smartphones and should go back to a simpler time.

“Realistically, it’s unlikely that smartphone addicts will be swapping their high-powered devices for the Nokia 3310 any time soon—unless they’re in need of a digital detox,” Sophie Curtis of Mirror said.

The MWC displayed the state of the phone industry in 2017.

According to Gibbs, people turned their heads from new innovations that would have been rocking the boat with potential buyers. Sony had a new phone with a 4K HDR screen, LG’s G6 now has split-screen apps and Blackberry will release a new model with a keyboard.

Smart phones are the norm for this generation. Everyone has one. They are all the same. They have a camera, play music, have hundreds of apps and provide internet access in the palm of your hand.

The Nokia 3310 offers a nice, nostalgic trip for the people who had them when they were popular in the early 2000s. Now that it has been updated to a more modern version, old and new users of Nokia might be willing to try it out.

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