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Pop Addict: Emmys, Swift, Selena G. and Janet J.


Hello to all of my guys, girls and pop addicts on the VSU campus. This week I’m serving up some Jasmine tea, so let’s get into it.


First in the teacup this week is Puma. It was a lovely Monday; the birds were chirping, and I was dressed fabulously. When I was in class, receiving the good education that my student loan money pays for, suddenly my phone vibrates. I look down to see that Vogue has the audacity, the gall to notify me that Selena Gomez has a new collaboration collection with Puma. My first instinct was to say, “I mean who wants it?” I’m still stuck with that same feeling. Selena Gomez doesn’t strike me as a fashion icon in the least bit. I think she should try to build her own name first in the fashion industry before striking up a potential million-dollar business deal that could fail. When I think of a fashion icon, I think of Rihanna, their current collection collaborator and brand ambassador. With that being said, I hope for nothing but the best from this collection for Puma.

It’s red-carpet season once again in Hollywood. The Emmys were the same as usual. It’s amazing that in 2017, critics and reviewers are still saying “The first African-American to Win…” Why is that? A few years ago, people flocked to social media and started the hash tag, #TheOscarsSoWhite to show that people of color more than likely never receive the accolades they should. On Sunday, Donald Glover was the first African-American to win for “Directing for a Comedy Series.” My question is why has it taken so long for a person of color to win this?

Also, this week America got to see Kevin Hart embarrass himself and show forgiveness to his wife. Apparently, Hart was having an affair on his wife who is 31 weeks pregnant. There was a group of people who tried to extort him for a crazy amount of money. They released the video anyway. The girl a part of the affair says that she had no idea that she was being recorded. Either way, Kevin Hart took to Instagram to post an “apology” video when all he did was make a mockery of the situation. Why make a moment that private, public? It was a joke. Apologize to your wife not us. We don’t live with you. Moving on…

So apparently the “Queen of New Age Pop” is being sued for copyright infringement. That’s right; 3LW’s songwriters, Sean Hall and Nathan Butler, are suing Taylor Swift. They said her song “Shake It Off” is a direct knock-off of their song “Playas Gon’ Play,” which they wrote in 2000. What makes this story interesting is the fact that it took them three years to go to court for the issue. Is it just a bluff or do they have a case? We’ll find out.

Janet Jackson has started her “State of The World Tour” last month, and suddenly the ‘90s are back. I personally am excited because I will be in attendance. For me, Janet Jackson will always be an important facet to music. She was one of the first who tried to break the stigma around female music artists and their sexuality. Even though some may believe that there’s still a sense of “raunchy” that comes along with sexually empowered female artists (Beyoncé, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, etc.), she’s still showing the new girls that she’s still Janet, Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty!


Whew! That’s all the tea that I have for this week. Remember to check back here next week to get your teacup filled with more tea!


Written By: Jacorey Moon, Assistant Entertainment Editor

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