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Review: haunted trail worth the money

Campus Recreation’s haunted trail has come to terrorize VSU once again.

This annual attraction is run by VSU students and other campus rec employees who volunteer their time to give members of the community a good scare for cheap. Tickets are only $8, with four themed nights when tickets are marked down to $5.

The Spectator was invited to the haunted trail’s preview night, where we were able to get a sneak peek at what’s in store.

This year, the trail leaves guests stumbling through the woods guided only by tea lights. Though in the past guides have accompanied groups, the tea lights add a sense of confusion to the mix that will keep you distracted from the workers hiding out behind trees and bushes waiting to scare you.

As is the theme with many haunted houses this year, the trail features a scary clown tunnel that seems almost too tight to hold whole groups of people—if you’re afraid of clowns this will be a great scare. Though no worker on the trail will touch you, the tunnel will leave you nowhere to run but forward, in to the next clown.

The trail does at times rely heavily on props, but that’s not a bad thing. Props—like crossed poles wrapped in white—filled open areas in the trail that students or volunteers couldn’t cover completely. Anyone could have easily been hiding in those props, and that kept us on our toes.

During the preview night, attendees were encouraged to go through the trail multiple times and give constructive criticism at the end. Because of that, I can only expect that the trail will be even better by the time it opens today at 8 p.m.

Overall, the trail as we experienced it was worth the $8 and especially worth $5. College students are often short on cash, but this is the cheapest place around. We got a few good scares out of our trip, and we only saw the preview.

If you want to check out the trail, the dates are: Oct. 19-21 and Oct. 27-29 from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Discount days are Oct. 19 (Greek Night), Oct. 20 (Blazer Pride), Oct. 27 (High School) and Oct. 28 (Costume Night).

Written by Kelsey Dickerson, Editor-in-Chief. Photo by Hunter Terrell, Social Media/Engagement Editor.

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