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Communication students receive new computer lab

Students in the Communication Arts program at Valdosta State were welcomed back in style with $293,000 worth of upgrades around the department.

Dr. Mark Borzi, communication arts department head, said the upgrades were made with students as its most important priority.

The upgrades included two major projects and a few minor ones throughout the entire department.

The first major project was CAC 2022, an outdated computer lab in the Communication building.

The improvements in the communication lab included 17 iMac computers and an 85” flat screen monitor. These computers provide an up to date editing space for Public Relation and Communication students and includes new lighting, furniture, paint and even an improved teacher workstation.

The second project was geared toward the dance students by updating their studio in the University Center.

The dance studio in the University Center received an 85 inch touch screen monitor, new cover up floor, sound systems in the walls and ceilings, dressing room enhancements and projector systems.

Sophomore Dance major Jada Bartley said she is excited to use the new facilities in the University Center.

“I feel like the studio will be more comfortable and provide opportunities for more creativity during classes and individual practices,” Jada said.

Tamera Tolbert, senior communication major, gave some insight about the new CAC 2022 lab in the communication building.

“I appreciate how we now have better technology to use,” Tolbert said. “As Public Relations and Communication students, I feel like it is important to be able to use the newest technology during undergrad so that we will be well acquainted and better prepared for the work place.”

Written by David Bethel, Staff Writer. Photo by Bryce Ethridge, News Editor.

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